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Happy Clients:

I'm so pleased with results I achieved working with Kate. My posture is better, back pain is gone and I feel much happier.
It was my first time trying pilates I'm very happy I did it with Kate. Highly recommended.
Thank you Kate

Kat M

My postnatal recovery classes with Kate were incredibly beneficial and I’m aware of the lasting positive affect they’ve had every time I pick up my ever-growing baby! The 8 class course reconnected me with my body and kick started my journey to regaining strength in my core in the best possible way. The 1:1 classes were just what I needed to have the confidence to start exercising again without feeling as though I was running the risk of injury. Kate is a total professional whose attention to detail and natural ability to teach put me at ease - each class felt tailor made to what I needed to keep up with the physical demands of early motherhood.

Dom Reid

A great personalised Pilates class

Karen Walker

Kate is a fantastic teacher, I saw her for post natal pilates after the birth of my first baby, she was amazing, patient and most of all made all our sessions fun! You can bring your little one along too, Kate has lots of toys to entertain or is happy to give cuddles whilst you get your work out done!

Louise Allen

Kate is an experienced and skilled teacher. She keeps things interesting by changing my weekly routine so I never get bored. She takes account of my physical constraints and adjusts the exercises as required. Highly recommended.

Sally Wilson

I cannot recommend Peace Pilates and Kate enough. Her calm and informed teaching is perfect for everyone. Her tailored classes will leave you feeling strong, capable and lean as she works specifically with your needs! They’re the highlight of my week!

Mrs L

Kate is a fantastic teacher! She has a very deep understanding of the body and what needs to be done to bring it into balance. The hour of pilates with her passes too quickly and feels more pleasurable than a massage. Best of all, an hour of pilates a week with her brought radical change in my posture, strength, and the whole way I move. I was doing pilates and yoga classess for a while but never I experienced such results! I am an addict!

Helen Johnson

I have been doing one-on-one pilates classes with Kate for just over a year now, and can't sing her praises highly enough.

Two pregnancies in the space of three years had left me with basically no core strength, and near constant back pain. Kate's expertise very quickly put an end to the persistent pain (it was amazing and a huge relief) and has given me core strength that I don't remember having since I was about fourteen! She's also a total pleasure to chat to, and I look forward to our sessions each week.

Hannah Clarke

Kate is amazing teacher.Very knowledgable.I felt very much out of shape and strength during my second pregnancy. Kate saved me with her pregnancy Pilates classes. I could not recommend more ❤️

I can’t rate Peace Pilates highly enough! Kate is so knowledgable whilst being really warm and friendly - she instantly puts even a complete beginner at ease. I recently completed a post-natal course and after only a few sessions I was so much stronger. Kate put together a bespoke lesson plan for our course of sessions and I was amazed at how quickly I regained strength in my core and abdominals (and pelvic floor!). Anyone looking for one on one sessions from a real expert should definitely give Peace Pilates a try!

Fiona Wallin

Brilliant Pilates instructor. Incredibly knowledgeable about the body, muscle groups and practice to heal, strengthen and empower. Calm and lovely instructor who really delivers transformative results. Highly recommended.

Nykeeta Tish

I love my sessions at Peace Pilates. The best trainer I have had, and always so encouraging. A pleasure to work with her.

Sarah Noble

Kate is a truly empathetic Pilates teacher who is amazingly tuned into the individual needs of each student. She plans her classes with great care and skill to make sure she addresses each participant’s requirements - she will stretch you just as far as you can go to help you progress. Her studio is a place of calm and joy - a fabulous hour away from the stress of life to relax and be in the moment. And to top it all off she makes every class fun. My core strength is massively improved since working with Kate and I have enjoyed every step of the journey.

Lyssa McGowan

Kate is a very natural Pilates teacher. With 2 young children of my own it’s my favorite part of the week as I do something I really enjoy for an hour with a friend.
As quite a sporty person I feel much stronger after a few months of Kate teaching me Pilates plus I feel more toned in areas of my body.

Clare Turner

I found Kate when I was looking to increase my exercise regime at a 1:1 level. I’d been recommended Pilates to help cope with an ongoing problem with my back. Kate took the time to understand my condition, read my medical reports and immediately created a personalised weekly session for me. I was able to quickly strengthen my core which made me feel so much stronger and also toned. Kate also provided me with ‘homework’ - exercises accompanied by photos to remind me of positions and methods and over a period of six months or so, I noticed a dramatic difference in my physical and mental well-being. The weekly sessions in the dedicated studio in Kate’s garden meant 100% focus without distractions and I walked away every week feeling taller and more positive. I can highly recommend Peace Pilates to anyone looking to invest their time in order to improve themselves.

Libby Darlington

Kate is fantastic. I found Kate when I was looking for 1-2-1 post natal classes. She tailored each class to me and I felt so much stronger week after week. She was very accomodating with my little one and kept her entertained whilst I continued to work out. I could not recommend her highly enough!

M McKevitt

I'm so pleased with results I achieved working with Kate. My posture is better, back pain is gone and I feel much happier.
It was my first time trying pilates I'm very happy I did it with Kate. Highly recommended.
Thank you Kate

Kat M

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