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Seated Side Bend
Pregnancy Pilates

Your body undergoes huge changes during pregnancy, Pilates is the perfect way to ensure you stay fit, healthy and strong.


Throughout pregnancy your class will be specifically designed to strengthen key areas in a safe and effective way, including:-

- Strengthen pelvic floor muscles

- Strengthen glutes and legs

- Reduce risk of back pain

- Stabilise pelvis and hips

- Improve balance and posture

- Breathing techniques

- Relaxation and preparation for birth

- Speed up post natal recovery

Post Natal Pilates

As a mum to two active young boys, and having experienced two difficult births, I know how hard it can be to find time for yourself to do anything, let alone exercise!


BUT I also know how incredibly important it is to try to find that time and what a difference it will make to the way you feel and your ability to be a strong and happy mum.

I hope my flexible approach will enable you to find the time to look after yourself. Either in my studio or in the comfort of your own home. With bite-sized exercises to take away and do at home when and if you get a moment.


Babies are welcome at all my classes (no matter what age) and I am always happy to help entertain, give bottles or cuddles so that you can exercise. I have lots of baby toys, play mats etc, or you are welcome to bring anything you need. 


Your baby will be right next to you on the mat and we can stop at any time they need you! 

Post Natal Recovery Package

My post natal recovery package is an eight week course designed to start any time after your post natal check from your GP.

It combines adapted Pilates based exercises with important releases, pelvic floor work and mum focused movement pattern strengthening to get you mumming it like a superstar!

There is an emphasis on relaxation, stretching and stress relief, along with nutrition advice if wanted.

I will check your tummy for diastasis recti and provide a safe and gentle recovery programme to get you back on your feet, feeling strong and full of vitality.

A strong and healthy mum = a happy baby!

Post Natal Pilates
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