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What is Reformer Pilates?

The Pilates Reformer was the first piece of equipment designed by Joseph Pilates for rehabilitation. It is like a  bed with a sliding cushioned platform and a selection of springs and straps with pulleys to add resistance to exercises.


As well as adding challenge through resistance, the reformer offers support for the body, helping with alignment so exercises are more efficient and precise. The sliding platform creates instability to challenge the balance and improve core stability and spatial awareness. You will find out a lot about your body from a few classes on the Reformer!


In a Pilates Reformer class you will move around into different positions to utilise the equipment in a variety of ways. Don't expect to do loads of reps, because of the resistance you only need do a few repetitions to work the body, you will definitely feel it!

Why Chose Reformer Pilates?

The reformer offers something to everyone and is a great place for beginners and those new to Pilates to start. It is not nearly as scary as it looks, although mindfulness is key, as is working with a highly trained professional to ensure safety and effectiveness.

The Pilates Reformer repertoire is complex and there are many variations as well as spring and set up options so even the most elite athletes can be continually challenged.

The reformer is also a great place to go when recovering from injury or if you have physical restrictions. The equipment offers support and can help guide you into the right level of mobility and stability to build strength and promote healthy stable joints. There are some wonderful stretches if you are looking to work on flexibility and clients are often surprised by what they can do with the assistance of the machine!

There is some evidence that working on the Pilates Reformer can achieve faster results than Pilates mat work. Although I believe a combination of the two is optimal to get a good variety of exercises to strengthen and lengthen muscles of the whole body as well as work on functional movement and balance. 

Reformer Pilates
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